Founder Showcase 2 (January 24, 2010)

The Founder Showcase is an open startup pitch and networking event that highlights seed stage businesses, helping founders gain traction among the Silicon Valley elite.

Showcase guests were treated to food and drinks, as well as informative talks by two leading Silicon Valley CEOs – Philip Kaplan of Blippy, and Jay Jamison of Moonshoot.  

About The Speakers:

Philip Kaplan

Philip oversees Blippy’s product management and innovation.  Prior to founding Blippy, Philip founded several businesses including PK Interactive, a software company that developed Web-based applications for Fortune 500 clients including Toyota and Mead Paper.  Philip’s personal sites have earned accolades including Yahoo and Rolling Stone’s Site-of-the-Year, and #6 in TIME Magazine’s “Best of 2000.” Philip is a regular public speaker and is the bestselling author of F’d Companies (Simon & Schuster). He is on the board of the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University. (Source: Blippy)

Jay Jamison

Jay co-founded and works as Chairman and President of Moonshoot, an early stage venture backed startup. He also is a Mentor at The Funded's Founder's Institute. Prior to Moonshoot, Jay worked at Microsoft for nearly 10 years. He worked on both Windows Server in product management, and he spent 3 years working for Microsoft Japan, turning around the Windows Client business group. Jay achieved multiple gold star awards, a high lifetime average review score, and was a member of Steve Ballmer's inaugural "Bench" Class of 2004, aimed at developing future leaders in MSFT.