Founder Showcase 3 (May 18, 2010)


Philip Kaplan, CEO and Co-Founder, Blippy

“Philip (@pud) oversees Blippy’s product management and innovation. Prior to founding Blippy, Philip founded several businesses including PK Interactive, a software company that developed Web-based applications for Fortune 500 clients including Toyota and Mead Paper. Philip’s personal sites have earned accolades including Yahoo and Rolling Stone’s Site-of-the-Year, and #6 in TIME Magazine’s “Best of 2000.” Philip is a regular public speaker and is the bestselling author of F’d Companies (Simon & Schuster). He is on the board of the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University.”

Jay Jamison, CEO and Founder, Moonshoot

Jay co-founded and works as President of Moonshoot, an early stage venture backed startup. He also is a Mentor at The Funded’s Founder’s Institute. Prior to Moonshoot, Jay worked at Microsoft for nearly 10 years. He worked on both Windows Server in product management, and he spent 3 years working for Microsoft Japan, turning around the Windows Client business group. Jay achieved multiple gold star awards, a high lifetime average review score, and was a member of Steve Ballmer’s inaugural “Bench” Class of 2004, aimed at developing future leaders in MSFT.

Winning Company

MightyMeeting lets you Present Anywhere™. Start or join web meetings directly from your iPhone or an Android phone. Post webcasts and demo videos to blogs, Facebook, or Twitter. MightyMeeting is a player in the mobile collaboration and web conferencing markets. The SMB web conferencing industry broke above $1B in sales with 19% growth in 2008. CRM revenue is projected to surpass the $10B mark by 2012. Have you ever seen a sales person without a laptop? Yes. Have you ever seen a sales person without a cell phone? No!! Never! MightyMeeting is a unique real-time sales and marketing tool optimized for mobile devices and social publishing. The beta version is online and in the App Store. We are now building out the infrastructure, improving web apps and players, and developing native applications for tier-2 mobile devices.

Presenting Companies

Skydera: Skydera develops a cloud utility platform that it licenses to small and medium sized enterprise companies to manage public cloud infrastructure , enabling the IT department to manage the complete IT stack in the cloud. Global IT spending devoted to cloud computing has been steadily rising over the last three years and is expected to reach $47 billion dollars by year 2012. Skydera’s competitive advantage is a vertically integrated platform, tying together command, control, provisioning and monitoring into a clean unified interface; enabling complete control over server/application setup and deployment. Skydera has secured five companies to use the platform for its beta program that will start at the end of January. The version 1.0 platform will be launch in August 2010 with the addition of on-Premise management tool by the end of the year.

MoLo Rewards: MoLo Rewards develops a platform for green loyalty programs and coupons using Near Field Communication (NFC) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) at the point of sale. Forty million people printed and used online coupons in 2008, and U.S. loyalty program membership currently tops 1.3 billion individual memberships. U.S. marketers spent $45.8 billion on promotional marketing in 2007. MoLo Rewards has completed a patented front-end and back-end system for multiple hardware platforms, and the company presented the solution at DEMOFall 2009. MoLo Rewards is currently looking to secure investments of $3 million, funding to be used to aid the acquisition of our first three national retail contracts.

SnapItTo.Me helps people looking for photos find custom photography through hosted photo contests, saving them time and money, while helping photographers gain wider access to opportunities and credentialize their growing portfolios. The stock and commissioned photography market grew to over $12bn while the sale of digital SLR cameras to everyday consumers grew 25%, reaching $+100m a year – signaling the continued growth in amateur and professional photography. SnapItTo.Me connects people who need photos w/ photographers through 3 services: 1) enabling photo seekers to host photo contests, 2) allowing photographers to compete in contests, & 3) creating photographer profiles w/ portfolios, ratings & reviews. Currently, SnapItTo.Me is preparing for public beta launch in Q1 of 2010. solves the problem of a teenager John who wants to find out what his secret crush Mary thinks about him, but is not ready to take a risk of revealing his feelings upfront before Mary reveals what her feelings are. For 20mln 16-20 year olds in the US is a mathematically safe way to make a first move. Mechanisms, similar to those used by corporations to settle multimillion claims out of court, eliminate the disadvantage of being the first out of two who speaks. Had no external funding, invested 500k of personal money. Currently have half-stable beta, visitors to registered users conversion rate is 11.5% for US and almost 18% for Indian markets.

Udemy enables anyone to create webinars or online courses and share them with the world. On Udemy, users can create an online course using text, video, pictures or any other media form available on the web. Udemy targets the online education market, which is over $26 billion, and specifically hopes to capture part of the $1 billion spent on online tutoring in the US. Udemy is unique because it provides teachers with a full set of tools to create a full-featured online course, including the ability to do live and recorded courses, and pull content from other UGC sites such as YouTube, Flickr and Scribd. Udemy will be launching in early Q4 2009, after 2 years of development and an extremely full-featured product.

Info-Surge offers a web solution to help health care professionals educate patients about medical procedures. 80% of Dr./patient communication is repetitive. Delivering info online offers clients up to 50% time savings & better risk management. The US market alone has over 140 MM medical procedures annually.

Online Dating 2.0: we are like Zoosk for Grownups! Profile & connection through social networks & social gaming aspect as single people put out a “bounty” to get introduced to someone with whom they might be compatible. Also unique matchmaking tool. Online dating $957M in 2008.”US Paid Content Forecast, 2007 to 2012″, online dating sites are projected to increase from $900 million of revenue in 2007 to $1.9 billion in 2012, or an increase of 16% over five years. No recession with 15% rise users.

Peer Belt develops software to collect and process passive user activity for the purpose of improving search results and information discovery. The nature of information online is changing from static pages to realtime streams, and, within the new information flow, user behavior predicts relevancy more so than links, keywords, and other models.

Contineo connects disparate medical information systems through a single unified mobile client, providing access to nurse call, electronic medical records and patient monitoring systems. With over 7500 hospitals in the US and 2.5 million nursing professionals servicing more than 33 million patients annually, the opportunity for increasing the efficacy and efficiency of health care delivery is tremendous.

Bonvoy allows you to book travel in facebook. Bonvoy uses the same back-end system as sites such as Expedia and Orbitz, so it offers the same travel deals. Users accrue reward points and build social capital by sharing them with friends. The online travel industry does near $93 billion in the US. Nearly a third of the entire US population is on facebook. Thusly, we are entering a potential $30 billion market and are also capturing the $95 billion group travel market.

TimeSight Systems has developed a killer application which compresses stored video over time as it ages and becomes less valuable, thereby saving up to 90% of the storage normally required for hi-resolution surveillance video. The surveillance market is exploding, reaching over $40B by 2013. In that, storage alone accounts for almost $7.5B in the same timeframe. This is becoming the major painpoint for advance deployments of surveillance, due to cost and complexity.